Music finding service

Hi all,

So I have had this idea for a long time and I am sure many others may have had it too, but here I am writing about it any way because this is MY website. People use streaming services for their music needs these days, this includes people like me and the recommendations given by these services are also usually, up to the mark. But sometimes what happens is we hear a song and that particular piece of music invokes a feeling that you keep longing for, more and more. It haunts you for a few days and you go to the streaming services or your friends to find similar songs so that you can get the happy chemicals in your brain. The thing is, no one can help you with it. No streaming services can help you get that same feeling and neither can your friends.

The service that I want to introduce contains a database of songs, and all users can select a song and then have a choice to vote for other songs as “similar” to this one. As more people vote on songs for a certain similarity, we can show those songs in a list sorted by most votes. It will help future users who will search for recommendations for this piece of music. Of course, spamming and manipulation will have to be dealt with and a lot of other kinks have to be worked out as well, but at some point I hope to make something like this. I think thousands of people might be able to recommend better than some code in a remote server owned by a tech giant.

If you want to help on this idea, or have any suggestions, feel free to contact me. (My contact info is on the home page)

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