Episode 10 - The prophecy


Previously we saw the birth of the main players in this story, the Pandavs and Kauravs. Now we move on to the exploits of everyone’s favorite little god, Shree Krishna.

The Prophecy

Meri ladai to Brahma se hai


Taking a break from Hastinapur and the kuru vansh, we are introduced to Kansa, the prince of Mathura as he overthrows his father and takes over the royal throne.

He arranges for the marriage of his sister Devaki and his friend Vasudev. After the wedding, a sage stops their chariot and talks about a prophecy that the eighth child of Vasudev and Devaki will be the end of Kansa’s tyranny. Naturally Kansa plans to kill them, but Vasudev convinces him to imprison both of them and kill their children one by one.


This episode was more like a prologue to the story of Shri Krishna. It does not have much in the name of content like the previous one but since I have started this series and plan to finish it, I will write a review for this one as well. Kansa is instantly recognizable as the personification of evil. The evil that does not have any justification of it’s actions other than the fact that it just is. Even though on some occasions we see the human side of him, it is quickly covered up by his immeasurable cruelty.


He imprisons the same sister that he just happily married to his best friend without second thought. Kansa is comically evil, almost as if he is a satirical character. In this show, that is. In the actual story, he had better motivations and justifiable actions. He is also shown as having a god complex, a mere mortal picking a fight with gods. The prophecy will obviously come true and we will see the death of him, but at one point you also want to see what plans he comes up with to fight god.

The past two episodes have been lackluster and I sincerely hope that future ones come up to be better than what we got here. It gets hard to squeeze out content if there is nothing to squeeze it out of. Maybe I will merge a few episodes if need be.

Vasudev and Devaki are imprisoned

Notable dialogue:

Aap ko raja banakar itihaas ne mathura ka apmaan kiya hai

> Manushya ka sabse bada dushman krodh hai, kyunki krodh sabse pehle tark ki hatyaa karta hai
> Aadesh dijiye Maharaj > > Mitron ko aadesh nahi diya jaata, ek sujaav hai > > Mitra ke liye Mitra ka sujaav bhi aadesh hi hota hai

To be continued

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