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Hitarth (-_- not me): Nice website buddy!
pero: sup
Bravo: Damn G. Nice work. 👍
narendranath344: Retro looking CSS, cool but the old was better
neovoid: whoa :0 Nice comments engine.
relejek: wow! seems like you've made this comment feature work finnaly. great job dost.
Glizzster: Pretty awesome website bro.
narendranath344:Waiting for the marriage blog😀😀
mxbl:this is indeed a very nice looking website, great work.
Kaushal: Nice site buddy
谢谢: 谢谢🙏
narendranath344: This CSS looks good
ᓚᘏᗢ:Nice CSS Buddy. 😍
hello:helo from idewa
theo:ayo, this website is so elegant and good looking! the font, the colorscheme! and your blogs and poetry are so beautifully written! umm, how do i say this, but it feels so comforting to read something this good! keep up the good work, sir! love from kerala!
> Hitarth: Thanks a lot theo. It feels good to be appreciated.
nvpie:nice color scheme but in android it still old white 🤔
> It is based on device colorscheme. If your phone has darkmode on it will show the dark scheme.
Bruhh:Really Cool Website Manything are there for me to learn from you
cmccabe:Hey hitarth. Nice website!
pystardust:awesome, keep doing your thing buddy
tester:Testing for XSS vulnerability
> It won't work. This is a passive commenting system. ;)
missionDosa:nice website!
ps: My mission is to ~make dosa universal~ eat dosa. website
Abhi:I love your website so much !
hitarth: Thanks a lot abhi!
Neo:I like new makeover.
King:Yo boi
Chinu:Loads of Respect to you LandChad!!
princesslainybug09:dis awsom :D

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