Episode 18 - The Death of Pandu


Krishna spends his childhood in Vrindavan performing leelas and kills the evil king Kansa.

Pandu’s death

Mera kanha kaha hai? Kaha hai mera Kanha? Bolte kyon nahi?

Ab vo tumhari chhoti si godi me nahi sama sakta yashoda


After killing Kansa and fulfilling the prophecy, Krishna frees his biological parents Vasudev and Devaki from the palace dungeons as well as the former king Ugrasen. Ugrasen is crowned the king of Mathura again and Krishna and Balram are sent to sage sandipani for education. Yashoda is heartbroken at the non return of Krishna. In the other parts of the world, Pandu is living in the forest with his two wives Kunti and Madri, as well as his five children, the Pandavs. After seeing Madri bathe in the open, Pandu tries to get physical with her and dies due to Sage Kindama’s curse. Madri who blamed herself for Pandu’s death, dies on the pyre with Pandu,leaving Kunti to raise the five kids by herself. Kunti returns to Hastinapur where everyone express their pain at the loss of Pandu.


Yashoda learns the truth

This episode, while titled about the death of Pandu focuses on motherhood. What makes a mother? Is it the right of giving birth that makes a mother or is it the raising of children that makes one? Who has more value, Yashoda or Devaki? These are the questions that are subtly asked in the beginning of the episode when Devaki finally meets the son that she had waited so long to hold in her arms. Krishna wants to go back to Yashoda but it slowly dawns on him that going back will mean that he won’t be able to come back. When Krishna left Vrindavan, Nandraj rightly said

Vo to saare trilok ka hai

Krishna reluctantly agrees to stay in Mathura and then move on to study under Rishi Sandipani. Seeing Yashoda look for a Kanha that wasn’t there was heartbreaking. The moment I saw Nandraj’s face I realized the peril he was in. What a painful task it must be to tell Yashoda that her Krishna won’t be coming back? The Yashoda that would believe her son over a whole village? The Yashoda that will forever be known as the mother to Krishna. The mother that will be etched in history as the definition of motherhood. Played beautifully by both actors, it was a very fresh scene from the usual humdrum acting of this show. Although it may or may not be shown in the show, Krishna will meet Yashoda once again when she is on her death bed.

Kunti and the Pandavs

This brings me back to the original topic, what makes a mother, a mother? If we say Yashoda, then is Devaki’s life spent in the dungeons wasted? Is her love not good enough or on par with Yashoda? According to Nand, God ka mahatva kokh se adhik hota hai, but I think both of those have their own values. After all, keeping a child in their bellies for nine months is a form of love as well. Love and devotion.

Talking about the pain of mothers losing a child, Satyavati cries about having to see the death of her husband, her son and her grandchild as well. Truly a tragedy when the old have to light the funeral pyre for the young. We also get a glimpse of young Duryodhan, and he establishes himself as the villain with his first line. Typical Duryodhan. Other than that, nothing of note comes to mind. Overall, it was a very good episode, closed many plot points and established new story lines to come. Until next time!

Notable dialogue:

God ka mahatva kokh se adhik hota hai Yashoda

> Bharat Varsh ki, Jay!
> Bachcho ko hath karne ka adhikaar hai

To be continued

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