Mahabharat - Episode 20 - How Bheem got his strength



The main story is now in focus again with the Kauravas and the Pandavs studying at the Gurukul. Each side has started their own plays to get to the throne.

How Bheem got his strength

Tum chinta mat karo, Bheem hum dono se lad nahi sakta (Bheem): Main to duryodhan ka sar tod dunga


Dhritrashtra calls Guru on false pretenses to delay the education of Pandavs. On Shakuni's advice, Duryodhan tries to murder Bheem, who thankfully comes back stronger than before. On the other hand, the child that Kunti drowned in the early episodes is seen to be raised by Adhirath, the Sarthee of Dhritrashtra.


Not much to discuss in this episode, other than a few points that I think are worth noting.


Duryodhan's devious act

Bheem in Naglok

Notable dialogue:

Baalak! Brahman ne to keval ek mutthi anaaj manga tha

Meri mutthi chhoti hai Maharaj

Var maang!

Maangna mujhe achha nahi lagta Maharaj

Ghar ki baat ghar ke bahar nikalte hi parayi ho jaati hai

To be continued