Episode 21 - Chivda


Internal politics continues as the children are pitted against each other fighting the previous generation’s fights.


Hastinapur ab uss jheel ki tarah hai, jisme Shatabdiyon ka paani thehra hua hai aur ab jisme se durgandh aane lagi hai.


Vidur and Bhishma find out who tried to kill Bheem and lament their fate. Bhishma tries to find comfort in the fact that he can still try and turn Duryodhan to the path of Dharma. In other parts of India, Krishna gets his training under rishi Sandipani and finds a true friend in Sudama. The Kuru sons encounter Drona.


Another brilliant performance by Mukesh Khanna as Bhishma in this show. At one point you forget that this is a TV show and are moved into the world of theater. It’s as if Bhishma himself is there lamenting the loss of all that is true and honorable in the Kuru Clan. Instead of discussing more about it, I will let the dialogue speak for itself below. While Bhishma’s ray of hope lies in Duryodhan giving up the way of Shakuni, it seems very unlikely the way that Duryodhan has acted the past few episodes.

Another pleasing appearance by Krishna in this episode. That kid is always smiling and has a knowing look on his face. He has been aptly chosen. We also get introduced to Sudama, played by the familiar face of Sumeet Raghavan. It took me a while to recognize him but once you do, all you can see is Sahil Sarabhai.

Sumeet Raghavan as Sudama

The chivda story is a close to my heart. Krishna and Sudama are sent to the forest to gather firewood and Gurumaa (The wife of Guru) sends with them some chivda to share and eat. Chivda is a snack made of rice. While they are working, it rains heavily and they both climb two different trees. It rains all night and in hunger, Sudama eats all the chivda meant for the two of them. Although after this he regrets his actions. I think the chivda is a metaphor for the gains or good fruits of labor that we gain in our lives, and whether or not we share it with the god, who resides in every one of us. Even if you don’t share fruits of your labor, only god forgives your acts, like Krishna forgave Sudama.

Krishna and Sudama

In the end we get introduced to a significantly important character, Guru Drona. The one who made Arjun who he was, and the one who will be there until the end to witness the greatest battle in Bharatvarsh.

Guru Drona

Notable dialogue:

Duryodhan to Dhritrashtra ka hastakshar hai Vidur. Uska apna to koi Vyaktitva hi nahi hoga. Dhritrashtra uski aankho se apne saare sapne dekhna chahte hai.

> Manushya ko shapath lete samay bahot savdhaan rehna chahiye, kyunki Shapath ki gaanth na to toot sakti hai, naa hi khul sakti hai.
> Mere ye chaude kandhe meri hi li hui shapath ke bojh ke tale toot rahe hai.
> Mai vartmaan ki lambi hoti parchaiyon se darr raha hoon, mai Dhritrashtra ki uchakansha se darr raha hoon, mai iss soch se darr raha hoon ki ye VishVriksh bada hoga tab kya hoga.
> (Shakuni about Gandhari) Kabhi kabhi muje uski Achhai se bada darr lagta hai
> Vo to baalak hai. Uske saamne bhi vahi neeti aur parampara ka Rakshas muh faade khada hai jo meri uchakanshao ko nigal chuka hai.
> Main bhi dekhta hoon, ki vidur Neeti ka kaunsa panna khol kar sunate hai.
> Nandgaon ke saath saath mera maakhan bhi chhoot gaya maa.
> Guru machhera nahi hota, ki shishya ko shiksha ke jaal me fasa le.
> Shiksha Swarnmudrao se nahi toli jati Rajkumar Shakuni

To be continued

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