Episode 27 - Yuvraj Yudhishthir

Yuvraj Yudhishthir

Kal ki pratiksha kisi veer ko shobha nahi deti. Veer to samay ki chattan ko kaat kar kal ki moorti bana lete hain.


The court meets to name the Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur. Jarasandh asks Bheeshmak to invite Shishupal, the Chedi King, to marry his daughter Rukmini and make Shishupal his ally. Rukmini sends a letter to Shri Krishna whom she loves, to rescue her.


This was an episode that I find very difficult to rate objectively. On one hand, it moves a major plot point forward: Yudhishthir being crowned as heir-apparent. On the other hand, I have next to nothing to put in the Notable Dialogue section. It is a dull episode, dialogue wise. We do get to meet a lot of new characters, and all of those are introduced in the samay monologue. So if you usually skip those… you might be clueless in the latter half of the episode.

  • Bhishmak: The king of Vidarbh kingdom and the father of Rukmini. He is friends with Magadh-Naresh Jarasandh.
  • Rukmi: Brother of Rukmini and son of Bhishmak. He wants to marry Rukmini to his friend Shishupal.
  • Rukmini: Daughter of Bhishmak. She loves Shri Krishna and is opposed to marrying Shishupal.
  • Shishupal: Chedi king. Friend of Rukmi and wants to marry Rukmini.

Dhritrashtra takes the safe route and crowns Yudhishthir as heir-apparent after Yudhishthir displays his excellent decision making skills. You could practically hear the pain when he asked Bhishma to blow the conch that will crown Yudhishthir as heir-apparent.

Dhritrashtra crowns Yudhishthir as Yuvraj

Meanwhile on the other front, Rukmini writes a letter to Shri Krishna, asking him to rescue her, which is shown in a song format. The song is nice, but it gets repetitive after a while.

Rukmini and Krishna

Now that Yudhishthir has been crowned heir-apparent, we should see some more movement from what I like to call the three musketeers. Duryodhan, Dushasan and Karna, lead by MamaShri Shakuni. Karna’s belief in making Duryodhan king is steadfast as ever, and he will try his very best to fulfill that wish.

Shakuni, Dushasan, Duryodhan and Karna talk about heir-apparent

We also get to meet a grown up Eklavya, who bears nothing but devotion for his Guru Dronacharya. He is now a sidekick of Jarasandh, and tirelessly works for him. That is all for today, lets hope that I can continue this series until the end!

Eklavya and Rukmi

To be continued

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