Episode 28 - Rukmini's Rescue

Rukmini’s rescue

Yadi mujhe koi sachmuch pukarta hai, to mujhe aana hi padta hai.. aur kisi pukaar ko sunkar turant aa jane se bada anand koi nahi


Shri Krishna receives a letter from Rukmini asking him to take her away from Vidarbha before she is forcibly married to Shishupal. Krishna goes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Dhritrashtra battles his own decisions as the pressure of naming the king falls upon him. Shakuni and Duryodhan manipulate Dhritrashtra into sending Yudhishthir to a trap. Bhishma and Vidur start suspecting Shakuni as the snake in the palace.


The story continues from the previous episode, when princess Rukmini sends a letter to Shri Krishna requesting him to come rescue her. Krishna receives that letter and plans to get her from Vidarbha kingdom. The “samay” monologue speaks in length about how the decision of marriage is supposed to be a joint decision and not a forced relationship. What king Bhishmak and Rukmi plan to do is against humanity itself, and who better to stop them, than the saviour of humanity Shri Krishna? In his usual calm demeanor Shri Krishna rescues her and ties up Rukmi who tries to stop them. Krishna doesn’t blame Rukmi for trying to stop him, as is his Dharma.

Krishna Rescues Rukmini

Then there is that beautiful scene where Sanjay is driving Dhritrashtra to some location and they talk about truth. Dhritrashtra asks Sanjay to be his eyes, to be the one sense that Dhritrashtra wants more than anything. Sanjay asks if he can trust him with such a big task, and Dhritrashtra says yes. But He seems almost desperate to see what greenery is. He asks Sanjay what does smell look like? What is the color of sound? To which Sanjay replies with nothing but silence. Dhritrashtra then asks him for the truth, and when Sanjay finally gives it to him he can do nothing but order him to go back to the palace. The place where dharma perishes everyday.

On the other hand, Duryodhan seems to be giving away the royal treasury to anyone he comes across in hopes of gaining the people’s favor. He hopes that the people will remember what he gave to them when the time to vote comes, but he is wrong. Just like today’s politics. No matter what you give to the people, they will vote for who they feel is right. Meanwhile Shakuni brings a new scheme to his nephew Duryodhan and it involves more than just minor tricks. He plans to bring Pandavs to a wax palance (Laksha-grah) and burn them alive. Dhritrashtra still has love for his brother’s sons. He refuses to treat them as anything other than his own blood. That doesn’t stop Shakuni and he uses Duryodhan to manipulate Dhritrashtra into sending Pandavs to a festival where he has laid the trap.

Shakuni and Duryodhan manipulate Dhritrashtra

This episode ends with Vidur informing Bhishma about Shakuni’s malice and both of them being worried about the near future. Giving access to the Royal treasury to Duryodhan was a mistake. He is emptying the resources in hopes becoming the king, but what will he be king of when nothing is left to rule?

On a lighter note, there were two funny moments in this episode:

  1. There is no need to describe it. I will show it to you.

    The knife scene.

  2. This interaction between Shakuni and Dhritrashtra. Dhritrashtra’s comic timing can only be explained when you watch this live.

    Shakuni: Mera priya Duryodhan satya keh raha hai maharaj!

    Duryodhan: Parantu tumhara priya Duryodhan, keh kya raha hai Gandhar kumar!

Notable dialogue

Sanjay, tum meri aankhe ban jao

> Maine tumhe satya bolne ki aagya di hai Sanjay, prashn karne ki nahi.
> Main to aapka saarthi hoon Maharaj, main to keval yahi chahta hoon ki aapke rath ko keval unn patho par lekar jaaun, jo aapke suraksha ke path ho.
> Rajneeti ka pehla niyam yeh hai, ki Raja ke mann ki avastha ka uske mann ke atirikt kisi ko gyaan hi nahi hona chahiye. Aur tumhara mukh mandal to bhoj patra ki bhaanti koi bhi padh sakta hai.

To be continued

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