Episode 30 - Surang


Duryodhan: Lagne laga hai ki bhagya bhi hamara paksh lene laga hai.

Shakuni: Bhagya hamara paksh kya lega! Bhagya keval kayaro ka sahara hai.


Shakuni wants Duryodhan to ensure that ALL Pandavs, and not only Yudhisthir should go to Varnavat. While Duryodhan tries to figure out how to do this, Pandavs themselves decide to go together with their mother, elating an already happy Duryodhan. Vidur figures out Shakuni’s plan and warns the Pandavs that Shakuni is planning to burn them alive in that palace. He sends a miner to dig a tunnel so that the Pandavs can save themselves.


The first half of the episode is a bit glum in nature. Pandavs fall into the trap themselves and it seems like Duryodhan will succeed. I think Vidur is that smartest man in this story. He is somewhat like The spider from Game of thrones, but morally superior. I really wish there were more scenes with Vidur, the actor and the lines are beautiful.

The way Vidur warns the Pandavs right in front of Shakuni and Duryodhan seemed a bit off. It felt like Shakuni-Duryodhan were too dumb to realize what he was saying. Which animal survives a forest fire? It clearly alluded to their plan but they seemed to be unaware of it. I guess bad writing? I don’t know. If you are still reading this, congratulations! I feel like I am writing these for no reason at all. There are no readers for this series. But I will complete it one day, for sure.

Pandavs decide to go together Duryodhan informs Shakuni of their decision Vidur warns Pandavs The digging begins

Notable dialogue

Tum bade kab hoge duryodhan! Kab bade hoge?!

Bhagwan in bhaiyo ko lambi aayu de, aur inka prem yun hi badhta rahe!

Yadi khaate tum ho, to pet mera hi bharta hai.

Shakuni: Rajneeti ka pehla niyam ye hai putra, ki jab tak kaksh me aakar ye naa dekh lo ki bolna uchit hai ki nahi, bolna aarambh na karo.

Duryodhan: Parantu mamashri, ye to apna guptchar tha.

Shakuni: Bhaanje, guptchar apne alava kisi ka nahi hota.

To be continued

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