Episode 31 - Aag


Veeron ko veero ki bhaati ranbhoomi me marne ka saubhagya nahi mila. Mai jab tak jeeunga mitra, ye dukh mera picha karega.


The Kauravs plan is put into action, and so is the Pandav’s. They burn the palace one night before, burning Pulochan and others with it.


A lot happens in this episode. The palace burns, Karna questions his allegiance while Duryodhan celebrates his ill-gained victory. Gandhari has a nightmare, indicative of the coming times. Her home is burning and Mahadev, the one she worships so devotedly performs Tandav in her home. When asked for help, he does nothing but looks at her. She sees Agni dev, but he too turns into an ever consuming flame and burns down everything around her. No deity will help her get out of the mess that her brother and sons have made. Dhritrashtra tries to calm her down, but he himself knows on some level that something wrong is going on.

Karna on the other hand is not feeling good about all this. As he cuts blocks of wood, the axe seems to be his conscience hitting away at his never ending love for Duryodhan. Yet, he chooses Duryodhan, no matter what. Such is the power of kindness shown to the right person at the right time. Duryodhan tries to falsely justify his wrongs but Karna shuts him down.

When Shakuni tries to tell Gandhari and Dhritrashtra of what happened, the blind king immediately blames him. He knows the lengths Shakuni will go to see Duryodhan accomplish what he envisioned for him. While Dhritrashtra is a grey character, his remorse for the death of Pandavs seemed genuine. His tears were real. Bheeshma’s reaction on hearing this news was as expected, but it is not sure yet whether or not he knows of the fact that Vidur saved them.

Notable dialogue

Rashtra ki raksha suraksha keval raja aur rajkumaro ka hi kartavya nahi hai,

har naagrik ka kartavya hai.

Jo aag mahadev ne nahi bujayi, jo aag swayam indradev ne nahi bujayi, vo

tumhare aasuon se to nahi bujegi.

Tum me se, aur yudhishthir me se muje jitni bhi baar kisi ko chun na padega

mitra, mai tumhe hi chununga. Mai tumhara runi hu mitra.

Bahar to hamari hatya ka samaroh hai bhratashri!

Mai ye nahi chahta ki aapko pata chale, ki meri aankho ke paas ye aansu bhi hai.

Ye raat muje maharaj kehne ki raat nahi hai taat shri, aap muje putra kahi ye.

Pandu ki dharohar mujhse kho gai.

To be continued

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