Episode 32 - Hidimb Vadh

Hidimb Vadh

Shri ram ke vanvas hi se, lankapati ravan ke vinaash ka marg nikla tha!


Bhishma locks himself in his room after hearing of Pandav and Kunti’s death. Dhritrashtra and Gandhari are in mourning. Bhishma goes to his mother Ganga to mourn where she tells him that mourning is for the dead. He confronts Vidur who tells him about the conspiracy. Pandavs encounter Hidimb, a demon who is killed by Bheem. Bheem gets married to Hidimb’s sister Hidimba.


Vanvas has begun. The move by Shakuni was an active act of aggression and Pandavs will not sit quiet. At least, when the time comes. They argue about whether or not to go to Hastinapur and show them who’s boss, but the moral (and somewhat annoying) voice of Yudhishtir stops them.

Duryodhan and Karna express remorse over the deaths of their enemies. They are warriors, after all and not scheming conniving sons-of-b-s like Shakuni. Shakuni looked manic this episode. He seemed more happy to see Kunti’s death than the Pandav’s. Almost like it was not a means to an end but an act of recreation.

Bhishma’s Bhishma side is seen again when Vidur tells him of the conspiracy, although he doesn’t know that it is not of any use as long as Dhritrashtra sits on the throne. The Hidimba storyline is also an important part of the lore. Bheem and Hidimba’s son Ghatodhkach is an important character in Hindu mythology. Hints of casteism are seen when Hidimb shuns Hidimba for wanting to marry a human. They really liked exploring Rakshas lore and their customs. How he was going to bring 200 humans worth of meat in Hidimba’s wedding and how it will bring him up a notch in the social ladder. Pretty cool of Kunti to accept her as her daughter-in-law.

Final words on the special effects, this camp is what gives this show its soul. The Bheem sliding effects~ top notch baby!

Notable dialogue

Nahi chahiye muje apne putro ke liye aisa rajya, jo yuvraaj ko rehne ke liye Lakshyagrah deta ho.

Yadi kisi shoorveer ko chhal kapat se maara jaaye, to uska dukh sab veero ko manana chahiye. aur mai to paanch-paanch veero ki hatya ka dukh mana raha hoon.

Shadyantra bhi ek shashtra hota hai.

Jo sab ke liye sankat hoga, uske liye to main [..bheem..] sabse bada sankat hoon.

Dharm kya kehta hai putra?

Aap jaisi maata ka aadesh hi param dharma hai.

To be continued

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