Episode 36 - Pandavs leave for Hastinapur

Pandavs leave for Hastinapur

Mera hriday tumhare rajya ka vo bhaag hai, jise tum kabhi haar nahi sakte.


After Arjun marries Draupadi, everyone comes to know that they are alive. Dhritrashtra invites Pandavs to Hastinapur through Vidur, who actually manipulated Dhritrashtra to do this. Pandavs and Shri Krishna discuss the future and what it means for the throne of Hastinapur. Pandavs leave for Hastinapur.


The discussion on this one is short as there is not much to be discussed.

Dhritrashtra admits that he knew who was behind the Lakshyagrah incident when Duryodhan confronts him about inviting the Pandavs back. Dhritrashtra has no choice but to call them back since Duryodhan and friends failed at killing him. I have said this many times before and I will say it now, Dhritrashtra is not blind physically but he choses to be blind to dharma. He sees that what his son does is wrong and yet he supports him. The blind king is a symbolic name as well. Duryodhan being the man-child that he is, threatens Dhritrashtra with suicide again but in vain.

Karna tries to talk some sense into Duryodhan. Tries to turn him from the dark path, but vinaash kaale viparit buddhi rings true as Duryodhan does not listen. Karna being indebted to Duryodhan, supports him no matter what his own beliefs are.

Dharmraj yudhishthir wants to avoid war with his own family. He is not conflicted like Arjun is in the Bhagawad Geeta. Yudhishthir simply wants to avoid war at all costs. Krishna suggests to not attack first. If you retaliate to an attack, it is not an act of war. The war has already started. Conflicting emotions will be a regular part of this show, as it is a show about family first of all. No matter how dysfunctional. The background score was fantastic again in this episode. It succeeded in making the viewer realize the gravity of the situation.

Tensions will be high in the next episode, when Pandavs arrive at Hastinapur. Shakuni is trying to figure out how they escaped. Vidur is trying to figure out how to get them on the throne. Duryodhan wants the throne. Yudhishthir wants peace. Between all these, the only person who will be stuck is Arjun and the only person who can set him free is Shri Krishna.

I cannot wait to watch the next episode.

Notable dialogue

Duryodhan: Ye main kya sun raha hoon pitashri?

Dhritrashtra: Ye to tum hi batao putra.

Vidur ka naam aadar se liya karo putra, neete ki gyaan jo uski pag dhuli me hai uska aadha gyaan bhi is samuche sansaar me nahi.

Apne sapno ko samaaj se chupaye rakhna hi rajneeti ka pehla adhyaay hai putra

Mai to apna sthaan swayam narayan ke liye bhi rikt nahi kar sakta

Jeebh bhi ashwa ke bhaati hoti hai, use bhi ashwa ke bhaati lagaan deni chahiye.

Nishtha ko anishtha se alag karne vali rekha bahot patli hoti hai mitra.

Apna adhikaar maangna manushya ka kartavya hai.

Sena ki yatra se udne vali dhool adhikar ke prashno ko dhak degi.

To be continued

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