I see light-headed hipsters high on
Sensationalized trends
Performing ecstatical stunts
Fueled by purposeless strength.
Halt the boat, for the time is now
To burn the place down
Look around,
You’ll see pretentious pussies
Pasting pointless posts on
Pedantic positivity and
preposterous presumptions
For perverted pathetic,
Consumed by the love for
Quirks and bizzare things
Things that are never real, never been.
Eyes like sacks of sand hanging heavy
On faces who’ve seen some shit.
“Still want that black coffee though,
Because black is lit”
Black defines shit,
It defines your thirst for being the
Centre of an ever-changing caravan
You ache for attention that you never deserved
But you are a slave
Bred and fed to serve
The constant stream of garbage
Spewn by social snakes.
You follow trends like commandments
written in long lost languages,
They’re temporary, so are you
But who are you?

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