I recently moved to a city. Well, moved back in a sense. It is the place where I completed my education and lived out my college days. The place where I made most of my good friends and where I learned whatever I know about life. After living a rural life for almost three years, the experience here was jarring. It felt like everything was moving too fast while I was paralyzed, unable to move. The food, the people, the traffic and even time itself seemed to rush as if running away from something. I found myself always running either towards or away from something or someone. I don’t know how time passes here. One moment I come back from the office at dusk and the next when I look at my watch it is way past midnight.

I guess I am too used to the small town life for now. The jungle, the friendly faces, the clear skies are all a distant dream. Traveling on a two wheeler for as short as two minutes ensures a black sooty layer on top of my face. The people seem pretentious, the food unhealthy. Every day is a struggle for anyone who lives here. Not that the case is any different in towns, but at least you get some peace of mind there. There is no peace of mind here. Like a rat in a rat wheel who keeps running with no end in sight, we keep running.

I don’t want to live here, and yet I know I must. At least until I have enough to go back to my sweet little nest and live out the rest of my days.

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