On a pillar in front of my cubicle at my office is a poster of a word cloud. It has some random words on it - biology, kinds, organ, organism, growth, studies, cells, etc. I suppose they just picked something that looked cool. Whenever I am sitting in my chair with nothing to do on my hands, I stare at it. One of these words always grabs my attention ~ “Life Sciences”. Particularly the life part. Hell, I didn’t even notice the sciences part until after I started writing this. A thought occurs to me every time I see it.

That’s the only life in this office.

It’s a maze of cubicles filled with worker drones who barely know themselves. We don’t know what is happening outside, thanks to the curtained windows and the fluorescent lights that haunt the ceilings of the whole campus. A lot of these people’s only highlight is a tea/smoke break. It’s not like we are forced to sit here, but the question is, Where else do we go?

I put on my earbuds and try to drown out the sound of silence and disappointment with guitar riffs and bass drums. It helps, but not a lot. Don’t get me wrong, the money in IT is really good. So much so that in the past few years, there has been a heavy influx of immigrants from other fields into IT. I mean, who wouldn’t? You get to sit in AC all day, working on computers making the gears turn on the global infrastructure. Even after all this, I still feel a lack of purpose. I guess that’s what all humans have to feel at some point in their lives.

As I stare blankly at the only life in this room, I can’t help but think of one thing -

Where is it headed?

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