No, I don't want orange sauce and cheese

This is a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now. The western food epidemic in Gujarat, especially Ahmedabad. Western food itself is not the culprit here, it has its own place in the food world and I don’t mind it at all. Hell, I even enjoy it! My problem is with the Indian food vendors trying to ape pizzas and burgers and failing spectacularly. It is ruining Indian dishes. Take for example, Idada. It is a fermented rice cake from Gujarat, very similar to Idly. Most vendors have started selling Cheese-Butter-Idada. That doesn’t even make sense!

The vendors themselves are not to blame for this. Indian youth has turned into a bunch of wanna-be Americans who just want cheese in everything they eat. The vendors are forced to have these items. In Gujarat, every fast food corner has to have three variants for a dish ~ Oil, Butter and Cheese. It is high time that we realize that adding cheese and butter to every single thing does not make it better! Indian dishes from the whole subcontinent are unbelievably rich in flavor. Adding things like orange sauce, ketchup, cheese and butter where they don’t belong is an insult to the dish itself.

Take Chhole Kulche, Chaat from the north - Idada, locho, Dhokla, Handvo, Kachori from The west - Idly, Dosa, Uttapam from South. These dishes are by themselves so fantastic, why are you ruining them? I am sorry for not mentioning East because I have not tasted anything from that part of India yet. If you have suggestions, add them in the comments.

Now coming to the hell on earth that is orange sauce. You know that light orange sauce that local burger-waalas and sandwich guys add to literally EVERYTHING they offer? The sauce that tastes so bad that even the aftertaste will make you uneasy for at least the next few hours? Yes that one. It needs to be banned! Why add that in vadapau? What wrong has Vadapau done to you?

Please, Please just stop ruining things. Rant over.

Honorary mentions: Chocolate Maggi, Fanta Maggi, Fruit Pasta, Chocolate momos, Cheese dosa, Chocolate idly.

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