I loved magnets as a kid. The way they pulled and pushed each other was nothing short of magic for me. Another thing I loved was toy mobile phones. They were these little plastic cases with a speaker in them. The keys of the phone were mapped to different sounds, each button would play a different song. The reason I loved these phones was because they had little magnets in them for the speakers. Whenever one broke, I would get a new magnet to play with. It was like a toy inside a toy.

Cell phones were relatively new in my village at that time. My dad got one, and to me, a mobile was a mobile. Real or toy. I just wanted the magnet man. I pestered my mom and dad for the whole day, constantly asking for the magnet in the mobile phone. It wasn’t before long my mother showed her wrath and threw my dad’s new cellphone at a wall. ”Find the magnet”, she said.

I couldn’t.

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