So recently, we at gnulinuxindia came up with our own pubnix, ~tildevarsh. A pubnix is a public access unix system. A single computer that is shared by multiple people. Now I won’t go into the history of how it started, but let me give you a brief introduction.

What is a pubnix?

A pubnix is a shared access public unix system. Multiple users access it, use it, administer it and generally form a community around it. The pubnix, in return, provides several services to the users. Most common of those being:

  • Shell access
  • Email
  • IRC server
  • IRC bouncer
  • A public facing website

What is the appeal of a pubnix?

I guess for me it is the feeling of being a part of something larger than yourself. Humans love being a part of a collective and I guess that collective identity appeals to me. To others it might be their interest in unix-like OSes or just general technical hobbies. While these are possible, I think the most common appeal for these tildes are the free services.

Humans love collectives, but they love free stuff even more.

~ Hitarth

What is tildevarsh, and why should I be a part of it?

Tildevarsh is an India-based pubnix.

Personally what makes tildevarsh different from other tildes is the voting system. Members have a command in their shell called vote which will be used to vote on motions going across the tilde. These motions can be started by any member. Once the a motion receives majority votes, that change is implemented into the server.

Will you be an ideal fit for it, or vice versa?

  1. Do you like being a part of a community and contributing to it?
  2. Do you have spare time on your hands to actually login more than once a week?
  3. Are you passionate about such public projects?
  4. Do you value community over free stuff?

If your answer was ‘yes’ to most of the questions above, then you might enjoy your time in tildevarsh.

Although it says India based, people from other nationalities are more than welcome. Hope to see you soon!

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