When its just you and the music

When it’s just you and the music, the view is slightly shifted. Reds are pink, pinks are orange, blue is bad and lost is black. When it’s just you and the music, you can’t see what’s in front of you, only what you leave behind. When it’s just you and the music, it’s too loud and deathly silent at the same time.

But sometimes, it takes over. It becomes dread, it becomes anger, despair. It becomes the very prison that you were trying to escape from. Sometimes the music will tie you up and put you down and kick you in the guts. That is when it stops being music and starts becoming noise. The moment it becomes noise to you, it doesn’t matter whether it plays or not. Because you will hear it, by choice or otherwise.

I don’t know if this sounds pretentious, but music plays a very important part in my life. There are soundtracks upon soundtracks for every feeling that I feel, every moment that I ever lived. Phases of albums and songs that define the life that I was living during that particular period of time. Entire days that can be narrated based on a particular song that touched that sliver of a second. I don’t know if you have ever felt that way, but I really hope that you do.

It is an amazing feeling, to have your life flash before you like a train that won’t stop at the local platform that you’re standing on. To have memories meet you for a moment and run away like that one time you fed peanuts to a squirrel. I hope you see it. I hope you understand, and once you do, I hope you come back and read this to realize what I am trying to say.

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