Mahabharat Reviews

This show is close to my heart as it was being rerun when I was a child and I remember watching it everyday. This series started as an attempt to provide a reading companion with the TV series. It is inspired by Alan Sepinwall's reviews for *The wire*. Of course, both the shows are vastly different, but I hope I will be able to do this justice. This show is about the Indian epic Mahabharat, and it is nearly identical with the source material, with a few hiccups here and there. It is ingrained in the culture of India as the show that everyone watched when they were kids. No matter the generation, at some point in time this show has always aired on TV since 1988. I hope these episode reviews will serve as a faithful reading companion when you watch the show.

P.S. These reviews only cover the actual show with 94 episodes and not the pre-sequel-prequels that came in the 90s because they were clearly a cashgrab riding on the success of the original.

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