Doing well.

A year ago a I wrote about doing good. Today I am writing about doing well.

Regarding this site. The ”influx of posts” that I promised did not happen. I did post some things, but they were far apart. I will be sure to keep posting. The Mahabharat series has come to a halt for now. It will complete though, one way or another.

There are many differences between then and now. I wrote that post at night and I am writing this one during the day. I expressed my desire to do good during the coming years. I am not sure if my actions were good this year, but I definitely did well.

I want to be thankful to some cosmic energy that is showering its blessings upon me. I am flourishing in my career, I got married, and I have a kid on the way. I have shifted to a new city and growing in ways that I never thought I could. My physical fitness is improving more and more everyday, and mentally I have never been better. As glum as the post one year before was, I think it was an end to the gloom. Nothing has gone wrong since then, as far as I can remember. I am thankful for that, truly.

I guess when you do good, things go well for you by themselves.

I hope next year goes as good as mine for you, and you do well in your life too.

~ Hitarth

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