Doing good.


I am writing this at 11:14 PM on 31st December 2021. But it doesn't really matter what date or what time is it as long as it is a new beginning for anyone. It is just a new page in the calendar. So this is an ode to 202x, doesn't matter which.

I started this site about a year ago, and I have not written much stuff in here, other than the Mahabharat reviews and some projects I made. So I guess, this post will be a start of an influx of 'posts', if that makes sense. If I had a word to describe 202x, it would be, fast. The days went by like raindrops on a glass window, ever moving, ever changing. It is all a blur at this point, truly. I wonder if it is because of the stagnancy that we all had collectively become a part of. It has been a bad year for businesses, especially those that are at a considerable distance from computers. People who don't get paychecks and have to actually get out of a chair to earn their share of money.

It seems like every month in a 202x year brought some new depressing thing with it-- and every next month the world fought and came back stronger. We all did, and we did that by doing good. For every saddening experience I had, there was a ray of hope somewhere. All I saw was people doing good for others, selfless sacrifices. And maybe I choose to ignore the worst in the world, but is it not for my own good? The further I stay away from the rot, the happier I will be. At this point I am just rambling and it is 11:30 already, but this post is an end and a beginning.

I want to do good. In each and every way possible. To those who need it the most, and are afraid to ask for it. I will try to be good. That is all, I guess. I hope this year breaks the streak of the pandemic and we get to return to normal soon. Or maybe not, I don't know. Staying at home is also heaven in itself. Until then, stay safe, see you again.

~ Hitarth