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Time In TTY, a CLI timetracking script


This is a time tracking shell script, used to track time for ongoing projects or some other task that needs time tracking. It uses unix timestamp and the date utility that comes with most unix-like operating systems. It is lightweight, and does one thing well, track time. It is similar to Timewarrior but the difference is in the implementation, as in timewarrior is too complex for my use case. This is just so very usable. Its data is stored in plaintext, it is easily modifiable and it is modular. Here are instructions on how to use tt.


Just copy the tt file to your path


tt start [taskname]

Start tracking time for a task.

tt start taskname [time]

Start tracking time for a task from some time ago.
tt start Task23 1hour
tt start Task42 1min
tt start Task43 54sec

tt status

Display the time tracked so far for the current task.

tt stop

Display the raw masterlist (for piping into other programs)

tt raw

Stop tracking the current task.

tt display [day|week|month|year|all]

Display tracked time (default is month).

tt delete [all]

Delete the previous task or all tasks.

tt help

Display this help text.

Configuration: The default configuration files are located in ~/.config/tt/ This directory can be changed using the \$TITTY_CONFIG_DIR environment variable.